Locally owned and operated by Derrick and Nancy Woods.

Hearing Healthcare in Charleston, SC

Derrick and Nancy, hearing aid providers at Holy City Hearing

When it comes to hearing aids, Derrick and Nancy Woods are thrilled to bring Holy City Hearing technology to the people of Charleston. After 30 years of managing large manufacturing facilities, it became time for a career and lifestyle change for Derrick. He promised his wife Nancy, an interior designer, no more factory life! The lure of starting up their own business had always been brewing. What they wanted was a business that would fulfill three definite needs:

After a couple of months of intense research, they discovered that helping people improve their lives through better hearing fit all three goals. This decision was easy for Derrick. He has had ear problems since he was a toddler. Those hearing struggles are now over for Derrick. Not only is Derrick the owner of Holy City Hearing, he’s also a patient and gives great testimony. He has lived most of his life with poor hearing and knows the learning curve with hearing aids.

The hearing aids we carry have both technological and economic advantages. The vision is to get involved and spread the word about Holy City Hearing in the Lowcountry and, by doing so, help people improve their lives!

Meet Our Team

Derrick, a hearing aid specialist in South Carolina

Derrick Woods

Hearing Specialist, Co-Owner

Derrick Woods is not only a licensed hearing healthcare professional with experience fitting and programming todays’ digital hearing technology; he is also a wearer of hearing devices. He has struggled with hearing loss since he was a small boy. Being a wearer of hearing devices allows him to interpret his patients’ requests and concerns accurately and then program their devices accordingly. Derrick has a Master of Business from Colgate Darden at University of Virginia and is a licensed Hearing Aid Specialist by the state of South Carolina – # HAS – 0624. One of his greatest joys is helping others improve their lives through better hearing.

Meet Derrick Woods

Nancy Woods, a hearing aids specialist near me

Nancy Woods

Co-Owner and Customer Care Manager

Nancy is our Customer Care Manager and Co-Owner. She has a natural ability for helping people. She is most often the voice on the phone when you call. For 30 plus years, she ran Interior Design Departments for architectural firms. Through the years, she successfully managed many different types of projects. She now applies those skills and talents to serving our patients. Nancy co-owns Holy City Hearing with Derrick. She knows first-hand what it is like to live with a loved one with hearing loss. She is grateful Derrick was our first customer: not only does he benefit from hearing aids, but the whole family does as well.

Dana Silber

Customer Care Representative

Dana Silber is our friendly customer care representative, here to answer any of your questions and make you feel comfortable during your appointment. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Oklahoma and has over 15 years of experience in customer service. Before joining our team, she worked as a flight attendant for many years. She decided to transition to the hearing field because of her stepdad, who has severe hearing loss. Her personal experiences created an interest in hearing health and hearing devices. Dana enjoys seeing the difference in people when they realize how hearing devices have helped improve their quality of life.

Outside of work, Dana enjoys watching her kids play basketball and lacrosse, going to the beach, and taking walks with her husband and their dog, Diesel.

Dana Silber, Customer Care Representative, Holy City Hearing

How We Give Back to Our Community

We take great pride in being active members of our community. Derrick, HAS, is a proud member of the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce. We are so proud to serve the Lowcountry with the best hearing aids, hearing protection, and hearing loss prevention.

We have won numerous awards over the year. Thank you, Charleston, for making us your best hearing aid provider, year after year.

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