Why Do I Do It?

Why Do I Do It?

Joy Of Hearing

Yes, yes, I own a hearing aid company…but here’s why I am so passionate about helping people hear better.  The best reason to restore your hearing is to be able to share with loved ones. Imagine being on your deathbed and not being able to hear your grandchildren whispering goodbyes or your wife telling you how much she loves you. I know this may sound overly-dramatic, but this is real life and it does happen. I recently loaned a pair of hearing aids to a granddaughter who took them to her grandma who was on hospice, only about 24 hours before she passed. Drugs had wiped away her hearing. She had become irritated because she could not understand the doctors and nurses.  When the granddaughter returned the loaners, she brought her sisters. All of them thanked me profusely and reported that as soon as their grandmother had the hearing aids, she just totally relaxed and was no longer frustrated and fidgety. She was reconnected. She was able to tell everybody goodbye. She died peacefully.

Reconnecting with family and friends is powerful.  I recently worked with a gentleman who had become isolated. He had severe hearing loss and had not worn hearing aids in several years. On the day he was to be fitted with his new hearing devices, I had a technical issue. When I informed him, we would have to reschedule the fitting, his shoulders just slumped in disappointment. I asked him why. He shared with me that he planned to attend a niece’s wedding over the weekend. He was really looking forward to this. He shared that typically he would make as quick an exit as possible during family gatherings. He found it troubling, aggravating and even embarrassing to be with family and friends and not to be able to understand, unable to participate in conversation.  Instead, always just nodding, smiling, and faking it. Upon hearing this, I made a couple of phone calls and was able to get the job done that afternoon. At the first follow up appointment with him, my efforts were rewarded with a wonderful summary of his wedding appreciation. He shared with me that he had a special relationship with his niece, and it meant the world to him to be able to be a part of her wedding. He was one of the last to go home from the reception! JOY!

On a lighter note, I will share a couple other examples on the joys of hearing.

A lady called me the day after being fitted with her first hearing device. She told me she heard her cat purr. After a pause to reflect on what she had told me, I asked how long she had had the cat. “Nine years”, she replied.  She told me she never knew he purred. JOY!

During another first fitting, within just a couple of minutes of conversation with my patient to determine if they were programmed too loud or too tinny, her husband declared: “Wow she is talking so much better!”  Then the daughter chimed in: “Yeah, Dad, she’s enunciating.” She was able to hear consonants for the first time in years and was able to immediately correct her speech. JOY!!!

Another fellow was brought to tears upon hearing birds singing for the first time in 10 years. JOY!

On average, people wait 7 years to act to restore their hearing. Don’t do that! Don’t procrastinate!

Don’t miss another day of sharing with loved ones!
Don’t miss out on the JOY of hearing that is waiting for you! – Derrick Woods

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