Great Service @ Holy City Hearing! I am very satisfied with the products and service. The staff at Holy City Hearing are very nice people. They have always been good to me. Great service. Quick to respond. I recommend them to others. ~ Carol R. Mount Pleasant, SC
Hearing Better @ Holy City Hearing! I hear a lot better with my hearing aids. The staff is very helpful to me with all things, especially my questions. ~ Melvin A. Mount Pleasant, SC
Convenient Hearing Aids @ Holy City Hearing! The rechargeable Starkey Hearing Aids are very convenient. They are either in your ear or in the charger. Previously, I had to change batteries all the time, which is very inconvenient and bothersome! They are comfortable. I hear so much better with these hearing aids than my last pair. Worth the money. ~ Ruth J. Mount Pleasant, SC
Very Satisfied @ Holy City Hearing! I am very satisfied with the product, the affordability, the helpfulness of the staff, and staff knowledgeability. No Negatives! ~ Terry H. Charleston, SC
Great People to do Business with @ Holy City Hearing! I am 82 years old. I called Holy City Hearing to have a free hearing test. I could not believe how much I wasn’t hearing. After being fitted with Starkey Hearing Aids, I wear them all the time. They are so easy to use, and I hear so much better! I recommend anyone needing a hearing test to call Holy City Hearing. The staff is super friendly and very professional. Great people to do business with! ~ Wilma J. Summerville, SC
Only 1 in 5 people that have hearing aids, actually wear them. I have paid for approximately 3 sets of hearing aids that I do not use. I have not been satisfied with the performance of the hearing aids, nor with handling the small batteries. I have a hand tremor so I have a very difficult time changing the batteries.  This does have a happy ending… I saw an ad & thought I would go see what they were all about; even though my current hearing aids were only a year old. Instead of inserting batteries into the hearing aids, they are simply placed in a charger overnight. I was also surprised how affordable they are, far less expensive than my previous hearing aids. They are the most “operation friendly” hearing aids I have ever owned. I’m very pleased with the professional & courteous staff. They have a strong commitment to service & always make me feel welcome. I would highly recommend Holy City Hearing for all of your hearing needs. Thank you for a new hearing source! ~ Dr. Edward M. Charleston, SC
I have worn hearing aids for years and the biggest problem I had with them was changing the batteries daily. I never have to change the batteries because they are rechargeable. I recharge them at night and it’s automatic. Another reason is when I decided I wanted new hearing aids, I went to 3 different places. They all had the same story. They wanted $5300 – $5800 for a pair and I could get a refund after 30 days if I didn’t like them. I pursued that and learned after the fact that I would get a refund of all but $500. The hearing aids that I have now, I can use this hand held remote control to raise the volume on each hearing aid separately. With it, I can also adjust for being in a crowd or being in a dining room or what have you. Overall, I Love the fact that I can adjust it, they don’t require batteries, and they are both doing a great job for me and they cost a whole lot less than $5500. ~AJ R. Pawleys Island, SC
This is my 4th try and the ONLY Aid that truly helps with background noise! By far the BEST! Recharging is GREAT! ~ Burt S. Mount Pleasant, SC
Since acquiring my new hearing aids, my ability to do my job has greatly improved. I am a teacher and the change has been life-changing. I can finally hear my students from across the room with clarity and at a reasonable volume. I am able to enjoy my classroom environment more because I don’t struggle to understand what my students are saying. Everyone at the hearing center in Charleston has been extremely easy to work with. They have followed up on me to ensure that my hearing aids are working correctly and that I am continuing to benefit from the usage. The process was very simple. They were very accommodating to my schedule and I know I can continue to count on them! Thank you! ~Kristin R. Atlanta, GA
After having a set of hearing aids that never worked well, I saw an ad in the Post & Courier (Charleston, SC). I decided to purchase a pair from Holy City Hearing. My aids are rechargeable and I have a remote control. These aids have changed my life. I can hear well in regular and social situations. I was having trouble especially in church. In fact many times I may as well have not been there except to worship in silence. Now I can sit in any section of the church and can hear everything – even when someone speaks in a soft voice. There is no interference from external noises as with my former aids. I especially like the fact that I was not put in a soundproof booth, but sat in comfort in front of the person fitting my hearing aids with equipment that blocked out sound and was comfortable. Needless to say, I would recommend these hearing aids from Holy City Hearing to anyone with a hearing loss. P.S. My husband does not need to speak loud. ~ Ella Rue B. Mount Pleasant, SC
We have a happy customer’s testimonial…PLUS his wife’s testimonial! Please read below. We love helping folks improve their lives! I am very satisfied with my hearing Aids. For the last several months, I have experienced a new level of hearing from my previous ones! Thanks to the technological advancements! I hope to have a long and satisfying relationship with Derrick…..who is providing me with the ability to hear all there is to hear! Thank you! ~ Kenneth L. Mount Pleasant, SC
I have a severe conversational loss. Mark went out of his way to help me, answering all of my questions and concerns, showing me that his main focus was to help, regardless of whether I bought or not. In the end, he referred me to a different technology which might help me. For those of you with a more typical loss, I believe this is the best alternative! ~ Jeff W. Mount Pleasant, SC
Best Hearing Aids Ever Owned @ Holy City Hearing! These are the best hearing aids I have ever owned! I have the Halo 2 i1600 with direct streaming from my iPhone. I really enjoy the ability to control and adjust aids to various venues. ~ Joe N. Mount Pleasant, SC
New Products are Great @ Holy City Hearing! I have been very satisfied with my new hearing devices and the service at Holy City Hearing. Holy City hearing is doing a Good job. I think the new products are great. They work really well. Very pleased! ~ James W. Charleston, SC
Quick, Efficient Responses @ Holy City Hearing! I have been very satisfied with my hearing devices. Anytime I need help with my hearing aids, Derrick and Nancy have been able to quickly and efficiently help. They understand what hearing impaired people go through. ~ Jane C. Goose Creek, SC
Very Pleased @ Holy City Hearing! My visit to Holy City Hearing (after the dog ate one of my devices) was a totally pleasant experience. Both Nancy & Derrick Woods were professional, cordial, and most accommodating. I am very happy with the product and know if I should have a problem they will be there for me. – Ann K. Mount Pleasant, SC
Thanks to Derrick I have a new soundtrack for my life! I can now hear things I have not heard for years. A blinker in my truck, the click my mouse makes on my computer. The staff seem like family….always upbeat and caring. ~ Ted B. Mount Pleasant, SC
I love Derrick! Not only has my hearing improved, but the staff is great! Everyone has my best interest at heart. No rushing or unnecessary upselling. This is my first hearing aid company and it will be my last! ~Tom E. Mount Pleasant, SC
The hum that has been in my head for many years is now gone! It has changed my life and that of my wife, too. I have learned that I wasn’t pronouncing words correctly because it has been 2 years since I had heard certain sounds! ~ Douglas E. Kingstree, SC
My experience was just awesome! Great staff and Owners were professional making me very comfortable trying out hearing aids. First, the video that introduced the hearing aids was very important in explaining how the technology used in the development of the hearing aid was developed and why it is superior to other hearing aids. No batteries, completely adjustable to the user by computer set-up, very comfortable- hardly know they are in my ears and love the setting on the remote for party, dinner mode etc. It really does work for cutting out background noise and I can still hear my wife’s quiet voice. I have been wearing my hearing aid for over a month and it great to hear those High frequency sounds I had been missing. As a Guitarist and Luthier, I was never able to hear the range of frequencies that are so important in evaluating a Stringed instruments. I am completely sold on these hearing aids and would highly recommend them to anyone with hearing loss. Thank you Nancy and Derrick! ~Jack H. Avondale Heights, GA
They have worked significantly for me. Better than two other companies’ devices that I have tried. First of all, I have liked that I can charge the batteries the batteries overnight rather than having to replace batteries. Second, I can adjust the volume of each ear separately. In addition, the customer service is outstanding. They have numerous locations for immediate help in person, over the phone, or by mail. I have used these services and had excellent results immediately.  ~Jeff A. North Myrtle Beach, SC
I was absolutely amazed to hear minute sounds that I haven’t heard in years! I am telling family and friends about your business! ~ Joseph S. Johns Island, S.C.
Thank you for allowing my husband to have his hearing back! I didn’t know much about hearing aids when I met him – only that they were a bone of contention for Ken. His quality of life has definitely improved by using these hearing aids. No more battery changes, settings that let him hear at parties and in restaurants or at social events and Most Importantly – ME!!! Great product, great service!! ~ Lisa L. Mount Pleasant, SC